Christina Tedesco

Christina M Tedesco "I don't know any More"

Christina M Tedesco

I don’t know any More
8″ x 8″
sharpie, gesso, gouache

My work deals with the contrast between balance and imbalance, control and the lack there of. Specifically, I explore the movement of the human body through space and time. My interest in the nature of the human form comes from living with cerebral palsy – a physical disability.

Over the years I have developed two figures that have allowed me to show how I see my body. The two figures often look like an adult helping a child or two friends. One figure acts as my cerebral palsy, the other figure as my personality. The figures can stand alone or become
one. My body of work tells a story, with many small moments making up a larger whole. All my paintings, drawings, and illustrations are pieces of this story.

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