Debra Olin

Debra Olin - "Rooting"

woodcut and monoprint collage, four variations, each print 36″ X 72″

The project I am currently involved with uses the body and its connection to nature. After visiting countless botanical gardens and dealing with a loved one’s battle with cancer, I began to notice similarities between plant forms and the human body’s organs and skeletal structure. I am exploring the relationship between these forms, integrating the figure into trees and botanical settings. Restructuring the human interior, I substitute and embellish forms from the natural world. We see today how intertwined we are with the planet, how all our decisions – from how we grow food to how we utilize our resources has an impact on our health and the future.

Coming from a background in sculpture, manipulating materials to be used in my experimental prints has been a natural extension of my art making exploration. I balance the aesthetic, the technical and the conceptual while being open to the surprises that occur in collaboration with the press.

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