Nancy Anderson

Nancy Anderson, "Hydrocodone"

36″ x 36″”
oil on canvas

I started drawing the faces around me as a child, and started painting with oils at age 12 — though I would later stop painting for over 20 years. Then, as a local dog walker snapping quick shots of those who surround me during the day, I found that the images that emerged were begging to be put on canvas. It’s not so much that I’m fascinated by faces, but by the portrayal of their expressions and their stories using small brushes on big canvases. Always, some essence behind the features comes through, and it’s the magic of that slow, unraveling revelation that has me transfixed in this endeavor of painting faces. There is no other motive; no hidden meanings, no socio-political agenda, no deeper statements on the subconscious mind or the human condition. Just dogs being dogs and people being people. Sometimes, we’re not so different.

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